CD - KidCrusher - Cannibal Clown (2007)

Image of CD - KidCrusher - Cannibal Clown (2007)


The most controversial horrorcore album put on the racks featuring the hit single “MEET THE MONSTORS” reviewed by Fangoria Magazine after the YouTube music video was produced in Melbourne with Strongman Pictures. Album features appearances by: Trips, Dyad Souls, Lewn, The Good Buddies & Chico.

Track listing:

Look At Me
Meet The Cannibal – Feat. Lewn
Bottled Emotions – Feat. Dyad Souls
Meet The Monstors (The Disturbed)
Where I Let The Bodies Rott
Zombie Match Makers – Feat. Chico & The Good Buddies
The Bottomless Pit – Feat. Trips
No Turning Back (Outro)
Dinner Time (Intro)
Flesh And Bone
Cannibal Cantina
Faces Of Death – Feat. Teddy DKC
Reality – Feat. Nascent
The Hogtied
Lost Not Found (Outro)